Storage services are only available at select TOOTHLESS MOVERS locations. Please check with your local office or see if storage is available in your area here. 

Need flexibility with your home move? Our customers find value in utilizing our onsite storage facilities during home renovations, downsizing, and during transitional living between homes.

Whether you have just a few boxes, countless crates of knick-knacks, and or handed-down antique furniture, we offer many storage unit solutions of different sizes to fit your individual needs. College students also find our secure storage facilities useful as a temporary solution during the summer months until they can move back to campus for fall classes.


Our locations have various storage options for customers to choose from. Be sure to ask your local TOOTHLESS MOVERS what they offer for your storage needs and they can ensure you are equipped with a storage container that best fits your needs.

In addition to onsite storage options, many TOOTHLESS MOVERS locations have partnered with local storage companies to ensure our customer’s belongings are kept safe during transition.

We are committed to making your entire moving experience seamless! Whether you need storage space for one month or one year, TOOTHLESS MOVERS has your moving and storage needs covered.


Mobile and portable storage options are now available at select franchise locations! Whether it’s short-term or long-term, these storage units are handy to store belongings while transitioning from one location to the next. Our 16 ft. and 5’ x 8’ x 7.5’ sized storage units are safe and reliable, and you’ll never share space with another customer’s belongings.

We can drop off the storage unit whenever you need it, and you even have the option of our movers loading it for you. Pricing varies by location. Please contact your local TOOTHLESS MOVERS franchise for more information.