Moving out of state or across the country and have a little added flexibility in your move date? If so, Toothless Movers affordable Value Flex services may be a perfect fit for you!

Value Flex is ideal for those who need long-distance moving services on a budget, and it provides the same great customer service and stress-free moving and packing options customers have come to expect with their local moves.

How Value Flex Works

There are two Value Flex move options depending on the size of your move. With the Value Flex 16 ft., container moves, your belongings are loaded into a portable box, which does not tilt the load and ensures your belongings stay intact while in transport. Your belongings will be driven to the TOOTHLESS MOVERS franchise in your new city, where they’ll be delivered and unloaded in your new home by the local team. This option is ideal for smaller moves, such as apartments or small homes.

With the crate option, your belongings are placed in a crate measuring 89” L x 89” H x 47” W and holds approximately 1,000 lbs., of household goods. Once loaded, the crate is transported by a third-party carrier to the TOOTHLESS MOVERS franchise closest to your delivery destination. There, a local TOOTHLESS MOVER Steam will unload your belongings for you. Crate moves are great for moving one room or a few pieces of furniture long distance.

As with all TOOTHLESS MOVERS services, your items will be protected throughout the duration of the move and you’ll never share space with another customer’s belongings. Pricing is determined by port-to-port drive time and unload labor.

What makes Value Flex different

Our Value Flex options offer all the benefits you’ve come to expect from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. Unlike other carriers that transport moving containers long-distance, your items are the only ones in the container, and they never leave this space until they reach your new destination. You can rest easy knowing your items are secure at all times and won’t get mixed with other customer belongings. You’ll receive great peace of mind knowing all TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® locations employ professional, permanent, trained, and background-checked movers to handle your items.

TOOTHLESS MOVERS is able to offer a reduced price on Value Flex long-distance moves by efficiently planning move logistics. In exchange for a reduced price, you will be given increased lead time on delivery. Although this may take longer than our expedited long-distance service, dedicated delivery dates are given once a move is booked, so you know exactly when to expect your items.

  Value Flex® Most Vanlines Most Other Containerized Moving Services Rental Truck
Two business day unload window guaranteed Yes No No No
Exclusive space for each customer Yes No Yes Yes
Permanent employees load and unload your belongings Yes No No No
Highest level of protection for your belongings with BOTH top-grade interior walls and tie down capabilities Yes No No No
No additional cost for moving equipment and furniture protection Yes Yes No No

Book your Value Flex move today

Our local TOOTHLESS MOVERS® locations have the ability to book Value Flex moves after you’ve received an in-home consultation and have reviewed the details of your move with an in-home consultant. Upon booking, you will receive a 48-hour window of when you can expect to receive your belongings.

Contact your local TOOTHLESS MOVERS office for additional information and pricing for our new Value Flex® service offered in select cities. If Value Flex is not yet offered in your area, don’t worry! Our expedited long-distance moving option is available across the whole country.  

Please note: This service is only available at select TOOTHLESS MOVERS franchise locations. Please contact your local franchise to see if they offer the Value Flex moving services.

TOOTHLESS MOVERS®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc. is a household goods broker. TOOTHLESS MOVERS®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc. will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will arrange for the transportation of the household goods by one of its local franchises that is an FMCSA-authorized household goods motor carrier. Estimates provided by TOOTHLESS MOVERS®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc. are based on the local franchise’s published tariff. Tariffs are available for public inspection upon reasonable request to the local franchise.